Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My Ultimate Reset: Day Two

I would love to write today's experience as amazing and a great success.....but that would be deceiving. Today was terrible.  I woke up completely exhausted and feeling overwhelmed....being pulled in so many directions.  Many times today I simply wanted to let the tears flow and give up altogether.  I felt like a failure...how was this hot mess suppose to lead and inspire others to see all the strength and power they have.  Thank heavens for my amazing husband stepping in on parental route.  And as for the reset...where do I start.

The Bad: First, the supplements.....the reset has a guideline laid out and tells you when to optimally take, eat, or drink the components that come in the kit.  You can only imagine my complete failure in this arena today. Second, when I feel overwhelmed....food is my last priority.  So my nutrition has not been on point to what it should be.  I either skipped food altogether or ate to comfort.  I can however say that my food choices were not terrible. Breakfast - vegan chocolate shakeology with organic cashews. Lunch - all natural Peanut Butter with organic honey on whole grain bread. Dinner - steel cut oats with cinnamon, honey and pine nuts. 

The good:  I am not giving up.  Today may not have been optimal, but I have created a plan of attack for tomorrow.  My handy dandy IPhone will send me reminders for my supplements and my meals are set and ready to go.  I have a schedule and a plan.....I will not fail.  I may have stumbled today, but my failures do not define me.  Instead I shall be defined by my perseverance and determination.  Every day can not be easy, there will be many bumps along the way, but we must always keep moving forward whether by failure or success. 

Tomorrow is a new day....and I am ready to conquer it!