Monday, September 21, 2015

My Ultimate Reset: Day One

So after months of great success in the fitness aspect of my life, I still tend to struggle here and there with the nutrition side.  I drink my delicious Shakeology every day and try to always make good choices when eating out.  My downfall however is that ever lingering craving for something sweet OR salty.  

At the beginning of the year I was a diet coke every day....multiple times a day!!!  I was new to beachbody and decided to upgrade to a coach so that 1.  I could get the awesome wholesale prices and 2. I could share my story and help others see their inner beauty.  With my upgrade I got to choose a new program and really didn't want to stop the one I was doing to....lets face it, sometimes I am a hot mess all over the place! My decision...3 Day Refresh.  IT WAS ASWESOME!!!! A short and sweet detox to propel me forward in my journey.  The most rewarding part....I can't stand the taste of diet coke. I was ready to go....and go I did.  Then summer happened.

Don't get me wrong, summer was amazing, and I was actually really good with my food choices....for the most part.  However, those pesky cravings lurked around every corner, along with the kids, and I found myself caving little by little.

Now a full month into school and a normal routine, I decided it was time to bring my nutrition up to point with my fitness!  And failure is not an option.  I had read about The Ultimate Reset for a while but never committed, because lets face it 1.  It expensive and 2. It looked way too complicated and restrictive.  But then I realized....I am only making excuses.  If it doesn't help I get my money back, take that excuse and trash it.  As far as restrictive and complicated.....whatever.....we expect our fitness routines to push us so that we can get stronger and better, why do we expect less from the nutrition side?

So I took the plunge.....that leap of faith to totally reset my inner workings and evict all the toxins that have been camping out placing to go orders for my mouth.   When my box arrived I was over the moon excited!! so much to read and help prepare me.  Hard as I tried, nothing was complicated!!!! And the only things I can think I will miss are my bananas and coffee.

Today marked DAY ONE for me.  It was actually a great day. I hade delicious steel cut oats with organic honey for breakfast, an out of the world Lentil-Lime salad (I can't believe I have never eaten these before) and dinner was family friendly (salmon, baby potatoes, and steamed broccoli). 

I never missed the banana today...I know its coming.  As for the coffee.....well lets just say I was momentarily weak.  I went through all the motions of making my coffee.  It was a work of art, smelled like heaven, and tasted....well shameful!!! After just one sip of my glorious coffee I poured it out.  I mean come on girl!!!!!!  This is day can't cheat on day 1....toughen you want results or tears?  After pouring out my coffee, I immediately made a cup of herbal tea and the world was right again.  I can do this.....I will do this........

So, for all of you out there challenging yourself to whatever it may be, you are not alone.  Stick to your guns, if you get a little shaky in the knees, don't worry, we can lean on one another in the days to come.    For tonight I am unplugging and waiting to see what DAY TWO has instore!